vat increase

VAT Increase

Effective 01/04/2018, VAT will be set at the new level of 15%, which will mean some pricing changes going forward.

To all our Digital Voice Processing clients, any quotes sent out before 31/03/2018 and for which we received an order before end 31/03/2018, will be at the 14% VAT rate, and all orders received after 01/04/2018 will be charged at the new revised 15% VAT rate.

We would like to welcome all clients to contact us with any pricing or quote related queries before submitting purchase orders.


Superscope PMR61

Introducing the new Superscope PMR61

Introducing the new, next generation and possibly the smartest Digital Audio recorder, the Superscope PMR61. Designed with simplicity in mind, the PMR61 is suitable for meetings, interviews or conferences. With it’s simple, uncluttered and non-technical design, the PMR61 aims to take focus away from operating and managing the recordings and let’s you focus on the matters of the meeting.

The Superscope PMR61 has a simple top panel consisting of only 4 buttons, reducing the opportunity for user operational error. The PMR offers a touch screen interface for easy control and configuration of the unit.
Boasting many other features, the PMR61 is a perfect recording unit for anyone looking for simple, easy to operate and reliable audio recording solutions for onsite or portable recording, in any situation.

For more information please visit our Superscope PMR61 product page.


New Language Laboratory For Edgewood Campus

“A new language laboratory recently completed on the Edgewood campus will support learning of all languages offered by the College of Humanities to the University community.
The language laboratory is equipped with SANAKO 1200, a software-based teaching solution that combines the use of with a suite of essential classroom management tools.
Academics from the Language and Arts cluster on the Edgewood campus attended a training workshop, hosted by the IT Director from Digital Voice Processing, Mr Craig Dahl, on how to use the Study 1200 software and how to incorporate it into the classroom and the curriculum.
‘Study 1200 helps teachers deliver effective instruction in any subject area and it does not need additional hardware thus being easy to install and maintain. The software has various activities such as homework, screen control, model screen to students, web browser, white board and chat,’ said Dahl.
He believes this is a new concept that will accelerate language learning, making it easier for both staff and students to better grasp and understand the language they are being taught.
A participant in the workshop, Mr Eugène P. Marais, said: ‘I hope to effectively use this software with students and within my curriculum. I think this software is crucial for students as it is one way of building their vocabulary and their confidence in learning and speaking an additional language.’
This project began in January 2012 as part of the strategic initiatives for the College of Humanities’ Teaching and Learning Office. The project is also being supported by infrastructure and efficiency funding from the Department of Higher Education led by the College Dean for Teaching and Learning, Professor Nobuhle Hlongwa, and the Dean for the School of Applied Human Sciences, Professor Nhlanhla Mkhize.”
– Article quoted from The Mercury, Tertiary Times Tuesday February 23, 2016